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CARNAL is a fast and challenging old school shooter taking loving inspiration from the 90's greats made on the Quake and Build Engine.

Mixing classic FPS action with an unsettling horror atmosphere, every episode and unique level will keep you on the edge.

As a chad member of the Realm Defense Force, take on the terror organization known as the Sons of Anak, who have opened portals to the "other side" throughout the city of Seed Valley. Once there they plan to extract Dark Matter in order to build weapons of mass destruction.
Destroy their soldiers and operations, as well as any "other" hostile entities that plan on stopping you.

Be warned: the world looks a lot different on the "other side", and it also probably smells bad.


  • 3 Episodes with 17 total missions
  • Diverse human and monster enemies that will murder you
  • Various guns that are harmful to your health
  • Keycards, swimming, secrets and pick ups
  • Several unique boss enemies to ruin your pace
  • Unique retro art style
  • An archaic Extra Lives system that keeps you going
  • Two difficulty modes for those who like to measure things
  • Terrible/offensive humor and game design
  • An atmosphere and feel unearthed from 1996

**NOTE: The game should work on anything that can run DirectX 11/OpenGL 4.5 and that has a 64-bit version of Windows.

If you prefer Steam:

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Tags90s, boomer-shooter, FPS, Retro


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I just picked up the phone in Pick 'n Overpay and got maths lessons from Jacob Zuma. xD Can't believe I missed that before!

this game is awesome. thanks heaps brother

Anytime friend! Thanks goes to you for checking it out in the first place, i really appreciate it! 

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I thoroughly  enjoyed the shit out of this game. Excellent fun! Love the Quake 1 cloud vibes, the intensity, the sound design and the exploding barrels blowing the shit out of enemies is just delightful and a total blast!

There's only one thing I believe you did a terrible job with. Why have I not heard the words poes or kak anywhere? What is up with that?

Lol my friend good to hear thanks!

It honestly didn't seem to fit with the whole 90's American suburbia vibe, but you may have a point there :)

I really like this game... but the levels are too long to have to restart entirely if you die... add checkpoints or mid level saves and it'll go from good to great.


Cool man see what I'll see what can be done

This should honestly be more then a single dollar.

Honestly though. boost up the price and put it on steam.


Hey man thanks! I am currently still waiting on Valve, I have started the submission process a few days ago, just waiting for the green light then I can put up. I'm still a bit unsure about asking for more than a dollar, don't want to ask more than it's worth, but I will keep your suggestion in my mind and I'll think about it :)

Loving it so far! Will you be implementing a save system?

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Hey man thanks for playing! I thought about it but the game seemed to small scale to be worth it, thought people probably wouldn't care for one, but i think if many people really want it I'd try implementing one

The game is really cool, it's on the shortlist for future E1M1 coverage! Are you guys on Twitter or Discord at all?


Thanks man glad you like it, it's a bit of a wack game so any enjoyment people get out of it is great news to me. It's currently just me working on this and I'm a bit terrible with social media stuff so this and indiedb are the only sites where I have communication, currently still waiting on Valve with the whole Steamworks process.

Great to hear it's coming to Steam! Can you send me your email address? I can send you over a PDF of the issue we previewed Carnal in if you haven't seen it!


Yes it's currently in the submission and reviewing process, have to wait till they give the green light then I can put it up. Thanks for your effort friend it's very much appreciated! My email is jgvrystaat@gmail.com